Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The Derek Humanzee Competition Entries

We've been asking all week to send us your pictures of a humanzee, as described by Geoff the Knobhead in Derek Series 2, Episode 1 and today is deadline day! You have until 12noon to tweet us your pictures of a humanzee and then Colin Hoult (@ColinHoult) will decide the three lucky winners.

To make life easier for Colin, we've added all the entries here:

1. Owen Jones (@Owen_Bowie) - graphic but brilliant

Humanzee by Owen Jones

2. LitttleMonsterPicsUK (@UniArtStudent) - fantastic drawing

Entry by LittleMonsterPicsUK

A Dougiemanzee by LittleMonsterPicsUK

3. Matt Heath (@MHeath7) - four amazing works of art

Vicky as a Humanzee by Matt Heath

Geoff as a Humanzee

Dougie as a Humanzee

4. Ben Hughes (@BenHughes1981)

Dougie as a chimp

5. Crafty Monkey (@StephJS)

Getting creative with a pillow
6. LadieBirdy (@ladiebirdy77) - amazing poster

Roll up, roll up - come see the humanzee

7. Paulius (@Pabloville73)

Sporting a bow tie
8. Olly Tait (@RealOllyTait and @OllysArt) - amazing sketch

Amazing sketch of a Dougiemanzee

9. Tom (@TomHedo)

You could see him having his own cartoon

10. Lee Goatboy Hartnup (@Goatboy667)

I'm sure Derek would love a humanzee friend

11. Jake Bridges-Burns (@badboy457360)

Loving the shirt and tie on this humanzee
12. Anne-Marie Sagar (@annemariesagar)

Striking humanzee with great hair

They're the entries so far. If we've missed yours, please tweet us at @DerekTVShow or email tadpolehitler@gmail.com! We'll announce the winners later today!

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