Friday, 25 October 2013

Derek DVD competition Winners

The brand new Derek DVD and Blu Ray are out now in the UK and include the pilot episode, the making of, all 6 episodes from series one and loads of outtakes! The DVD is already out in Australia and the UK fans have been waiting patiently since March when the first series ended on our TV screens.

To commemorate the release, we worked together with @GervaisFanArt, @Gervaisaholics and Ricky Gervais to give away prizes to three lucky fans! All they had to do was design an advert for the UK Derek DVD/Blu Ray release!

The Derek DVD

Fans could enter a poster or a YouTube video and all the amazing entrants can be seen on the Gervais Fan Art website. The three chosen winners would each receive the Derek DVD and an exclusive poster, both of which were signed by the entire cast!

Derek cast on set signing DVDs and posters
The cast of Derek on set signing DVDs and posters

The advert had to encapsulate Derek and had to be creative. Ricky Gervais looked through all the entries over the weekend and these are the three he chose:

1. Mrs C L Hughes:

Derek cross stitch design
Cross stitch design was a winner

2. Rob Potter:

Amazing cartoon design by Rob Potter

3. Quentin Devine:

All three are deserved winners and each will be receiving a DVD signed by the cast and a special signed caricature by Rich Nairn:

Rich Nairn Derek caricature signed by the cast
Signed caricature, drawn by Rich Nairn

The Derek DVD and Blu-Ray are both available now in the UK. Hit these links to get yours:


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