Monday, 1 July 2013

Derek Poem by a Derek Fan

Derek fan and budding writer, Catherine Giggal, has written a fantastic poem dedicated to Derek, which we would like to share with you all here on

Derek, a kind man with the surname Noakes,
Dotes on and appreciates the old folks!

A true caring person who has a unique outlook on life,
Focusing merely on hopefulness and not on strife!
An optimistic being who has exuberant sense of warmth in his heart,
As well as in his wool-knit jumper, which has been his trademark from the start!

The Broadhill home inhabits a communal pride
where you will encounter an 'accidental' Kev when you enter inside!
Along with Dougie, who fixes any appliance,
He doesn't need any training or qualifications, as he manifests a sense of reliance!

Often referred to mirroring an egg with sideburns by his peers
 but he simply ignores the criticism as well as the jeers.
A man who sticks to his guns and lives in reality
And someone who inhabits a distinguished personality!

Then there's Hannah, with a heart of gold,
Working overtime to care for the old!
Who organised a cabaret show with Kev, Derek and Dougie,
Where a Duran Duran tribute band played, which made the entirety of the audience boogie!

Dougie in the Duran Duran tribute band

An array of sheer genius, with Derek and Poppy, who had everyone fully gripped,
Then not to forget the high quality standard of Kev Twine's future Hollywood blockbuster script!

The trips on the mini-bus to the library and the beach,
Where Derek posed questions to Dougie which made the tires screech,
As Dougie got annoyed by the constant queries,
Which made him annoyed as well as weary!

The plot of each episode is funny, poignant and lacks any form of banality,
And for it to ever go off air would be deemed forever as a mere act of insanity!

A combination of peril and prosperity,
Written without any hastiness or celerity.
Season two will be just as fantastic and that's a fact,
Where maybe Derek will initiate a career with his ventriloquist act!
(Is it ventriqoulist?? Ventriqouist?? Mehhh whatever)!

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