Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Posteritty Art Competition Winners Announced

With two amazing prizes up for grabs thanks to our friends at Posteritty  we've had a staggering 2,876 entries in our latest Derek competition!

The star prize is a limited edition minimalist print of Derek, Dougie and Kev signed by Ricky Gervais, Karl Pilkington and David Earl.

Star Prize - limited edition print signed by Ricky, Karl and David

The runners-up prize is the ‘crabs’ print by Posteritty, signed by Ricky Gervais, Karl Pilkington, David Earl, Kerry Godliman and Brett Goldstein!

'Crabs' print, runners-up prize 

These prizes have generated a huge amount of interest and the two winners have really got themselves something special. A huge thank you must go to Posteritty for donated the prizes, and to Ricky Gervais for arranging them to be signed by the cast of Derek.

So how could you win them? I asked followers of Tadpole Hitler to tell me their favourite scene from Derek, and the reason why in under 100 words.

Ricky Gervais has read the entries and today I have received the names of the two lucky winners. So without further ado, it’s time to announce them.

The winner of the exclusive, signed ‘Derek, Dougie and Kev’ print is Reid Mansell. His favourite scene from the show is Derek and his father sitting together for the first time, and here is why:

“My dad, a wonderful father, left when I was seven. I never knew why. I'd played that scene in my mind my entire life. What would I say? How would I feel? Would the sound of his voice melt the years and pain away? Derek's anger, resistance...battling an underlying longing to connect.

“I was transfixed. Watching, begging Derek to accept him, forgive him while completely understanding the wall Derek had built. The wall won, his father walked away.

“When the car stopped I wept. I would have done the same thing. My dad died in 1992, I never had the chance.”

Thank you for sharing that with us Reid – a deserved winner. Ricky was looking for honesty, sincerity and a personal viewpoint, and he certainly felt that with your entry.

The runner-up in the competition, who will be sent the ‘crab’ print is Craig Wing, whose favourite scene was Kev’s final monologue:

"In an otherwise perfect series I'd often questioned Kev's behaviours/motives, thinking him too big a caricature to hold a place in my fanboy-heart. His final monologue however (episode-6), gave Kev context, proving me wrong. His confession to "failing because he never tried" reflected my own life. I re-watched the series, seeing depth and subtleties in Kev I'd initially missed; testimony to both a layered script and performance. It's my favourite scene because through Kev I saw myself. I'd become content with unhappiness and stuck in a rut. I'm yet to write "twat" on a crab though, so there's still hope."

Congratulations Craig and a big thank you to everybody who entered the competition. I know Ricky found it incredibly difficult to choose the winners, but like with every competition, a decision has to be made.

A new competition will be launching tomorrow in association with Posteritty and Ricky Gervais on equalitystreet.info. Make sure you follow @EqualityStreet on Twitter for updates on how to win one of three exclusive prizes!

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