Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Derek DVD Cover Challenge

This morning Ricky Gervais set a challenge on Twitter for the legions of Derek fans to design a Derek DVD cover and already we've been sent some fantastic creations and I'm sure there are more to come. I will keep adding to the selection as tweets and emails come in so bookmark the page or follow @tadpole_hitler on Twitter for regular updates!

1. @ComedyQuotesTV:

Love the crab in the D

2. @Joe86Design:

Another scuttling crab

3. @JamesyN15:

Great imagery with Fred too

4. @MikeFinleyComic:

Just the disc, but fantastic nonetheless!

5. @CartoonCompany:

Beautiful simplicity

6. @JODedia:

Entire jacket design

7. @wynpennant:

Great simplicity once again

8. @aj_meek92:

Simplicity seems to be popular

9. @tesla_lumen:

Kindness theme

10. @iOgOfficial:

Very creative approach

11. @laumarietaylor:

Strong cuddling

12. Avril Seery:

Simple imagery, maximum effect

13. Dan O'Connor:

So much work has gone into it

14. @Karenjac:

Derek's shorts!

15. @CrashPigDesignz:

Great design

Keep your Derek DVD artwork coming. Simply tweet your picture to @tadpole_hitler or email tadpolehitler@gmail.com


  1. I vote for #6, amazing work :)
    #1 is great too!

  2. I really like #1. Simple design and I love that they included "Kindness is magic".

  3. These are all awesome! My faves would have to be 5 and 1.

  4. I can't decide which cover is the best, if i had to choose it would be 13 as it has that kind of classic look and the way the person has left Derek coloured really stands out but as i say there all really good!

  5. Number 15 for me, the reason because they have used the frog that is in the episodes and manipulated it in Derek's hands haha

  6. The one i think would look best as a DVD cover is definitely number 15, all the others are awesome though, but 15 really does it for me.

  7. Some good designs here, number 15 though for me

  8. Really good idea to do this - I like the simplicity of many of them; but for me - #14 reflects the comedy and the tenderness of the show. Needs a bit of refinement - but defo #14.

  9. One! haha and 10 & 11 are brill!