Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Derek by Catherine Giggal

"One of the best, most moving pieces of televised material that I have ever seen"

I am sad to see such as wonderful series come to an end! “Derek”, written by the multi-talented Ricky Gervais, is about a kind, caring man called ‘Derek’, who voluntarily works in Broadhill, a retirement home that is run by Hannah (Kerry Godliman). The series itself ran over 6 episodes, which were all as poignant, humorous, and uplifting as each other. I found the acting phenomenal, with Gervais, Godliman, Pilkington, Earl, as well as the rest of the remarkable cast, who worked in unison to create a programme which was unique, inspiring, as well as highly believable. As the series progressed, I felt that I somehow connected to the characters themselves, where they all had an individual personality, which made them stand out significantly, and initially made the programme highly interesting to watch.

'Derek' by Ricky Gervais

Furthermore, in Episode 5, I could not halt my laughter when Derek, Kev, as well as Dougie, formed a tribute band to Duran Duran. I found it incredibly heart-warming when the retirees were laughing, as well as when Derek said “It makes me happy” (referring to when the old people laughed). Also, another highlight of the series was in episode 6, where Derek viewed the viral sensation ‘Baby Monkey’, which made me smile, as this was also one of my favourite videos, due to the humorous, yet innocent nature of the online hit. It had brought back a positive memory, and therefore made me laugh simultaneously.

In conclusion, I am ecstatic at the fact that ‘Derek’ has been green lighted for a second series! I know it will be as fantastic as the first one, and I cannot wait to view it! Well done to Gervais, as well as every other individual who was involved in the creation of this outstanding TV series. Roll on series 2!

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