Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Win the Tadpole Bed Pan signed by Ricky Gervais

Well, it's a sad farewell to Derek as we have just watched the final episode of the first series, but don't worry, Derek and friends will be back! To celebrate the success of the first series, and to give something back to one lucky fan, I have an exclusive competition prize up for grabs!

This website started because of a little phrase from episode one, when Derek said 'tadpole hitler' and after trending on twitter, and being the most memorable phrase from the first episode, I created this - And how did Derek transport his tadpoles? In a bed pan of course!

Ricky Gervais with his bed pan filled with tadpoles

Ricky Gervais has kindly gotten hold of the actual bed pan used in the show to carry the tadpoles and he has also signed it, and the winner of the competition gets to keep this exclusive memento from the show!

The tadpole bed pan, signed by Ricky Gervais

So how do you win it? Well there were various ideas floating around my head from creating YouTube videos to producing more fan art, but this doesn't give everybody the opportunity to enter. Not everyone can create videos and not everyone is an artist. As we've seen, some Derek fans are professional artists!

Ricky Gervais, as well as being a director, comedian and an actor, is also a writer, and so this is how to enter:

Sum up why you love Derek series one in one hundred words or less.

Although I've lived and breathed the show for 6 weeks, I wanted somebody a little more senior to judge the competition. So, I've been lucky enough to pin down the man himself - Mr. Ricky Gervais! Ricky will judge the competition and all he's looking for is your creativity. Whether touching, funny, a synopsis, whatever you think is appropriate to sum up why you love series one, then write it down in 100 words or less.

Please email your entries to Ideally your entry will be on a word document in Arial font, single spaced. Please also provide your name, age, email address, Twitter name (if you have one) and your postal address. Only one entry per person is allowed.

Good luck - and yes, I'm gutted I can't keep the bed pan myself!

Terms and conditions: Only one entry per person is allowed. If your word count exceeds 100 words your entry will not be included. The judge's decision is final. The item has no cash value and there are no alternative prize. The prize will be sent to the winner at the address supplied and a signature will be required. Your details will be deleted after the winner has been announced and will only be used for administrative purposes until then. The closing date for entries is Tuesday, March 19th at 11:59pm (GMT). Any entries received after this time will not be included. Any entry deemed unsuitable by the promoter (me) will be omitted at my discretion. No conversation will be entered into. By entering this competition you agree to your entry, your name and your age appearing on The winner will be announced after the closing date.

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  1. Do you want the name, email address etc. included within the word document, or in the email body?