Thursday, 21 March 2013

What Derek S1 Meant to You - The Competition Entries

The competition entries have been sent to Ricky Gervais today, but I'm sure you'd all like to read what Derek Season 1 meant to the fans. So here you go, read the amazing work, some funny, some sad, but all very much in keeping with Derek.

Here's what you can win!

The entries:

Ever since I saw the pilot of Derek, complete with beautiful soundtrack and touching lines from perfectly imperfect characters, I have repeated the words ‘kindness is magic’ like a mantra. I previously had only highly valued intelligence and sense of humour; without realising it, I was forgetting one of the most important character traits a human can carry: kindness toward others. I now understand that it is the most important thing. It is the thing that we should focus on developing a lot more than, perhaps, intelligence all the time. Derek has taught me something I shall never forget!

Georgie Malone


Why do I like Derek? Does that count as part of the hundred word limit? Well you don't needs 100 words. "Genius": That's one word and it describes the cast, the writing, the emotion, the humour, the music, catering too (according to Karl); the brightest thing I've seen on TV in years. Most episodes I had to watch twice as someone must have been chopping onions whilst I was watching! Thank you for making life a little better (cue Coldplay). Life's (ahem) too short to be anything other than kind.

I'll be Duran Duran by the way.

Antony T

Derek is a huge achievement; it strikes the perfect balance between comedy and drama - pure class. I think what I really loved about Derek is how he's such an inspiring person, how someone could be so perfect. He's kind, selfless, forgiving and sincere. I think no matter who you are Derek can be an inspiration. I wish I could be more like him.

Dan Edwards

I did not expect a mong-ish Mr Gervais, a potential sex pest and a hairy sanitary towel clad shaven chimp to make me bawl my eyes out weekly. I love Derek because it’s so refreshing to see genuinely touching and loving television make half an hour of my fucking monotonous week bearable. So long since I have been reminded that there is some compassion and empathy still within everyone, the voice of which is Derek. Also it makes a nice change for Karl to be rid of head like a fucking orange abuse, now he’s just an egg with sideburns.

James Brindley

Derek Noakes has a happy face

Derek Noakes has a happy face...                
an open heart and quick embrace.                
Some may think the world abstruse,             
too many answers and now confused                       
But he can see what's really there.                                        
A life, a smile and sometimes a tear.

Existence is a funny bit,                                 
that's up and down and often shit.                                                     
You can convince yourself your great           
and think you're more than just an ape,        
But when your old and smell of wee,
What you should have been, only then, you'll see.

Every emotion this series will use.                             
Kindness is magic and Dougie's short fuse.

Jennifer Squires

As a whole, I’ve never been so touched by a television series; you forget the world around you and get completely swept off your feet with the heart warming storyline and characters. It’s the most down to earth, sophisticated show I’ve ever seen, and the touch of humour adds a quirky spark, that makes me keep coming back for more. I admire how the show can make us think about our lives, I aspire to as caring as Derek. To me, Derek is someone that you immediately want in your life; his passion for the care home is beyond inspiring.

Tia Curtis

Look in the mirror, who do you view?
Do you like this person staring back at you?
“Should be more like Derek” you say to yourself.
Not concerned with looks, possessions or wealth.
Be kinder, more thoughtful as you go through your day.
For, “Kindness is magic” is what Joan would say.
Only then will you learn and start to discover.
That no one should judge a book by the cover.
There’s a lot we can learn from Derek and friends.
Give it your best shot before it all ends.

Wendy Hardwick
_____________________________ little word, but what a massive character. Beautifully written and acted, funny, sad but most of all thought provoking. It showed that our older generation aren't just put into homes and forgotten about. Derek was kind, unassuming and funny and both Dougie and Kev think he's got it right and wish they could be like him. And so do I. Episode 6 was my favourite, secret millionaire, Coldplay, baby monkey, but the bit that made me blub was Kev, "I'm not a failure because I didn't succeed I'm a failure because I didn't try." I love all Ricky's work but this was different ..and I can't wait for the new series.

Samantha Nickells

I donate new fleece blankets to a different animal shelter each month. Me: 1. Uncaring world: 0. I’m kidding, of course. My donations are a by-product of my beloved senior cat’s passing. I love the show Derek because the title character always asks “What can I do?” long before the situation grows dire. Oh, I have a laugh during the half-hour, too. Derek’s natural compassion for animals and for his elderly friends (his favoritest people) proves that, in the end, only goodness matters. Everyone should wrap society’s underdogs and undercats in a warm soft blanket like Derek Noakes instinctively does.

Kerreanna DiMauro

Derek is a loveable character, he means well and can adapt to any situation, in addition, he cares for everyone, it's a touching drama/comedy, any one can warm up to him, he looks scruffy on the outside but in the inside he's a warm, reliable human. Many people will stereotype Derek but they judge his outer shell not his inner being. You should never judge a book by its cover, and that's the same with Derek. Dougie is like a Father to Derek, he tells Derek the different between right and wrong. 

Thomas Moorwood

The best thing about Derek is its simplicity. There’s no subtlety or hidden meaning behind Derek Noakes’s actions because there doesn’t need to be. Kindness is the simplest thing on earth to emit, and it needs no ulterior motive.

So in the simplest terms possible, I love Derek because he has inspired me to do two things:

1) Be kind!
2) Write a letter to his creator (via a website named in honour of Anti-Semitic Amphibicide) giddy with the faint hope of securing a fucking piss-stained piece of ceramic.

If that’s not love, what is?

Iain Mac

Because Kindness is Fuckin´ Magic

There´s a lot of bullshit on TV, there´s a lot of bullshit in general and a TV show ain't supposed to impact people´s life. But you did! I mean, Derek did it.

I write this because it really pumps me up when I see that someone with the enough craziness and heart to accept that playing with “the biggest toy box in the world” to make people laugh or shed sweet tears, is the most beloved way of living, is making it right and big.

I hope Derek keeps feeding more hearts … and tadpoles.

Violet Villalba

I loved the first series of Derek because I no longer fear getting old and ending up in a nursing home. If I could stare at Dougie's exceptionally round head all day, rap with convicted criminals, raise tadpoles and dead birds with Derek, attempt to pull the most grotesque mammals known to man with Kev and be surrounded by some of the nicest most caring people I've witnessed I'd be a very happy coffin dodger indeed. Fantastic work Ricky, I can’t wait for the second series. Keep up the offending work!!

Stephen Williams

Derek to me is life. In life, we laugh and cry. What Derek does is it gathers all these emotions that makes life what it is and weaves them together, right down to the tiniest details (like the photos of the residents on their rooms). I see Derek in this way as my Nan has dementia and I have seen how committed carers are to making the residents lives better. What I'm really trying to say is Thank You to Ricky and Co. for bringing Derek into this world and proving that Kindness is Magic.

Lauren Groves

Explaining why I loved Derek is a difficult thing to do
Explaining all the reasons, because I have a few
The first is the comedy and the humour that it brings
The second is the emotional bits that really make you think
The third, it's writing, as its writer is the best
Bringing humour into something that would normally depress
And last but not least, because of the hilarious things he's said
It's the ranting Karl Pilkington, Manc with the orange shaped head
And that is why I think Derek is great
And why I don't understand all the hate.

Mark Grimshaw

Derek proved me that kindness is not a weakness. I sometimes think that I am unadapted to this world, that being too kind hurts me because lots of people are cruel and selfish. So, I thought I should be cynical and misanthropic to be happy. But Derek showed me that you can be proud to be full of kindness. It gives you more than you can ever received. It gives you love, respect and warmth. Smiles. Company. Kindness never leave you alone. And as kindness is magic, Derek is the best wizard of us all.

Astrid Baudine

In 100 words I loved Derek series one because it was....

"Amazing, Angelic, Appealing, Astonishing, Astounding, Award-Winning, Awesome, Blemishless, Brave, Breath-Taking, Brilliant, Caring, Charming, Compassionate, Considerate, Convincing, Culminating, Creative, Crowning, Defaultless, Defectless, Delightful, Divine, Elegant, Emotional, Enthusiastic, Excellent, Exciting, Exquisite, Fabulous, Fantastic, Fascinating, Faultless, Flawless, Foolproof, Friendly, Funny, Genuine, Genius, Glorious, Graceful, Grand, Great, Helpful, Hilarious, Honest, Ideal, Immaculate, Impeccable, Impressive, Incomparable, Incredible, Indefectible, Infectious, Ingenuity, Inspiring, Kindhearted, Loving, Loyal, Magnificent, Marvellous, Matchless, Mind-Blowing, Moving, Perfect, Perfectly-Acted, Perfectly-Written, Pleasing, Polite, Popular, Priceless, Pulchritudinous, Refined, Resplendent, Sensitive, Skilled, Splendid, Stainless, Sublime, Superb, Supreme, Thoughtful, Touching, Trustworthy, Unbelievable, Unequaled, Unmarred, Untouchable, Well-Formed, Wonderful


Kindness Is Magic"

Stephen Hawker

I have autism. I know what it's like to get abused and beaten up in school every day. What it's like to stand up again, every time, although you don't have the power to.

I wish there was a show like Derek when I was younger. It would've made me feel less lonely. I don't know if Derek is autistic, but it doesn't matter, because I relate to him.

Derek is the warm, empathic friend I wish I've had when I was a kid. I wanna be like Derek when I grow up. After all, kindness is magic.

Alice Jorgensen

Derek is a work of fiction – yet is the most realistic program I’ve enjoyed in years. To describe in words how much it’s moved and amused me wouldn’t do it justice. It’s not a comedy drama; more a portrayal of real life what everyone can relate to in some way. I have relatives exactly like Shelly in EP3; to witness Dougie put her in her place left me literally applauding him. All in all, I was laughing at Derek’s antics (particularly the Duran Duran performance) and cringing at Kev’s behaviour, whilst the final left me crying like a menopausal housewife.

Alex Sprackling

“The very first episode of Derek was motivation enough for me to commit to the idea of changing career, into that of Elderly Care. I had wanted to do it for a long time. Since beginning to apply after the first episode, I have secured myself not one, but two jobs. I am now making a difference to the elderly in my community, and enjoying spending time with these wonderful people. I could not have done that without Ricky and the wonderful script and production of Derek.”

Paula Gofford

Derek Series One perfectly enraptured the beauty of true human life. The wide range of emotions it draw from within me opened my eyes to see beyond the everyday “problematic” issues we all face and appreciate the bigger picture. I became engrossed within ‘Derek’ as a whole and almost lived within it rather than viewed it as a program. If everyone felt and took these positives from the series and applied them to their own circumstances even in the smallest way we will all be looking forward to a very bright future for ourselves and others.

Shane Trundley

In a world where everyone is striving to be someone they’re not, it is not only refreshing but almost revolutionary to witness a series in which a group of people are content and appreciative of what they’re lives are rather than what they’re not.
Derek represents an antidote to modern life…

Daniel Moretti

Derek is real, touching and incredibly funny at times. I love everything the show stands for, it honestly has changed my life, now I'm always thinking what Derek would do in a situation, a show has never touched me so much before. Karl is fantastic as always, it's really funny to see Karl as the sharper one out of him and Ricky, it really works though! My favourite scenes are the beach scenes, when Derek calls an ambulance for the dying baby bird and the final scene, they truly capture the innocence, kindness and the happiness that comes with it.

Sarah Louise Papps

For a long time after “The Office” had been a hit in the U.S., I had no idea who Ricky Gervais was.  But I soon figured out, and began to delve into his other works of which I have all enjoyed.  However, the latest work of Mr. Gervais, “Derek”, has far exceeded what I ever though television could capture so purely...kindness.  I have been pleasantly entertained the past six weeks watching all the Broad Hill behavior and have came away, more kind myself for it, and with so much laughter. Thank you for writing, directing, and creating Ricky!

Alex Dodez

I think the last time that tears left my eyes was 20 years ago ,when aged 13, I suffered the loss of the family dog. So it came as quite a surprise (to my wife and I), when I found myself fighting back tears, during the ‘Derek’ finale. The source of my tears came from an unlikely source.  Kev. His sincerity came from left-field and blindsided me.

The characters of ‘Derek’ have a grounded reality like none I have seen. By episode 2, ‘Derek’ had become my favourite TV show. Ever.

Amazing writing (again!), from an amazing man. Bravo!

Alan Travers

Hello! I've never cried more than when my cat died and when I went to a Coldplay concert. But when I watched Derek, I did and ended up looking like Kev the next morning!

Derek has "got it right" as Dougie said because he is always happy which I aspire to be like. Derek is brave because he goes through life with his memorable chinny smile. Everyone wants Derek in their life, someone who will be their best friend forever and Ricky has created this wonderful character who I wish was my best friend.

Alessia Powell

Hundred words not required. Derek was just Perfect. It should have been called Derek Derek though.


A comedy show usually has to have some cynicism or insults thrown around to achieve success in Britain. For a drama to do well it usually has to have things just keep getting worse to the point of disbelief. Yet, Derek wasn’t like either of them. Derek was more true to life than that, it showed that bad things do happen but that we can get back up and go through them, regardless of the hand we were dealt in life. It is a programme that shows that ultimately, kindness is king. Even for outsiders. That’s why I loved Derek.

Jack Woods

If something needs fixed, Dougie's your man,
he might get annoyed but he'll do what he can.
And Hannah, well she's just an angel from heaven,
she cares for them all, not just 5, 6 or seven.
Kev may look scruffy and talk about cocks,
but his friendship is loyal and he smiles when he talks.
Vikki and Deon at first were despaired,
But after an hour, their hearts were repaired.
Derek is different, some might think he's tragic
but his heart's made of gold and his kindness is magic
That's why I love Derek

Ross Owen

Why did I love the first series of Derek? Because I am Derek.

Well, I’m not actually Derek; my names not Derek and I don’t live in a nursing home, but I’m close enough.

I live with my Nan, my dad is an alcoholic, I’m a little bit different and I’m not the smartest person in the world. (I had to get a friend to help me write this entry).

Derek showed the world that it’s far more important to be kind than anything else and that even if you aren’t like everybody else it is nothing to be ashamed of.

Derek is an inspiration to me, my Nan and my friend.

We love you Ricky, thank you for bringing Derek into our lives. We will continue to spread the kindness.

I hope we win the bedpan, although my Nan might appreciate it more than me! Haha!

We can’t wait for season two!

Aaron Butterworth (and Muriel Butterworth)

6 words it’s not 100 but it’s enough!

Gareth Ellerby

The reason I love the TV series Derek is because it's heart-warming, funny, emotional. Karl Pilkington's character is perfect for him and Ricky as Derek amazing hope you get more awards for the series you deserve them all. You have come along way since the office and I hope we see more from you Ricky Gervais.

Darren Keenan

Derek was the most real character on TV in an age where reality claims to be TV's main agenda, Derek made me laugh, and cheer,and cry, all in the space of 24 minutes. Each week Derek was on, it was my bestest thing. I'm sad it's over, but I'm happy because it touched my life and reminded me of the importance of kindness to all people, young and old alike. Derek reminded me that everyone's a person with a history and everyone has the chance to make a difference in this world by just being nice.

Andy Jackson

Take successive Governmental rape of Care Homes and blindfolded intolerance of ageing population needs.
Mix with their careless ignorance of the humanity of the priceless staff.
Blend in the relentless humour of staff, inmates, and visitors.
Add the magical genius of Gervais who creates not one but a dozen central characters.
Bake for 6 episodes of building expectation, empathy, realisation and feelings of inadequacy.
Serve with a half expected but truly heart rendering and tear jerking finale
This is the recipe for DEREK! A real person in every respect. A superhero who everyone, but no-one, would want to be.

Peter Sibson


Did I say my name? Derek Noakes.
I’m really not like other folks.

I works here at Broad Hill nursing home.
Older people shouldn’t be alone.

My bestest friends are Dougie & Kev,
But Hannah really makes my heart rev!

I loves it here - everyone gets on.
I loves wrestling - I’m really strong.

I loves tadpoles, birds & frogs….
YouTube videos, cats & dogs!

My Mum died - my Dad, he’d left.
But now he’s back - I’m no longer bereft.

Not to hug my Dad would’ve been tragic,
For everyone knows - Kindness Is Magic!

Sherri Foreman

“On Christmas 2007, I was forced with just one other staff member to care for 14 learning disabled clients. When I phoned the on call manager about this dangerous situation, she told me “well I’m not coming in” and advised that I ask a neighbouring care home if I could “borrow” a worker who was giving end of life support to one of their residents. Dougie’s speech at the end of episode one is exactly what I have always regretted not being able to say to her at the time, due to being young and scared of losing my job”.

Tom Stocks

Derek is truly a cut above the rest, I have never seen anything so touching, heart-warming and emotional on television before. It was perfectly cast and hard to believe that Broad Hill wasn’t actually a real place! Derek is the most perfect character ever created, nobody could have portrayed him better than Ricky, and it’s evident that Ricky really cares about Derek, as do the rest of the public after this amazing production. I genuinely think the world would be a better place if we were all a bit more like Derek, my new hero. Kindness really is magic.

Kim O’Shea

I love Derek because over the last few weeks Derek has made me laugh, smile and cry. Derek has taught me that life is not about being good looking or clever, it is about being kind and nice to people. The balance between humour and sweetness is flawless in Derek. In my opinion it is the best thing Ricky Gervais has ever done. Derek has truly changed my outlook on life and I now definitely believe that kindness is magic. Thank You.

Sarah O’ Gorman

It’s so easy to laugh
It’s so easy to hate
It takes strength to be gentle and kind
The Smiths

Derek, both the character and program, exemplify Morrissey’s words from 1986. “Kindness is magic.” It’s such a sweet, simple statement. Derek wasn’t trying to be profound when he uttered those three words; he was just stating what he thought everyone already knew. That’s the beauty of Derek to me. Those words were more impactful to me because I know Derek’s outlook isn’t shared by everyone. To Derek they were obvious. I wish more people were like Derek.

Nick Raben

I don't need a hundred words. Derek completed me emotionally .He made me feel again at last and therefore I'm almost whole again! I've never been touched like this before.

Jenny Becker

Ok here is my entry hope poems are allowed 
People may think Derek is tragic
A figure to pity rambling and manic
Take time to know him and you will see
He is the kindest person that there can be
A heart so big it fills you with joy 
That a fifty year old man is still a boy 
The innocent child we all left behind 
So wrapped up in our lives 
Unkind we've become
Who should we pity 
Not Derek an only son 
He reminds us all that we are the tragic 
Derek is kind kindness is magic.

Emma Hutchinson

I loved Derek because it shut everybody up. I was tired of people being so ignorantly offended of a character that hadn't yet been aired and shown as a holistic premise. People are very quick to judge Gervais; to declare their hatred of his ‘mediocre’ acting whilst always portraying the same character and mocking disabilities. Derek Noakes is so far from that as despite being a moral cornerstone in the series, the main focus is on the treatment of the elderly and individuals who don't boast an academic or financial success but are fundamentally kind and emotionally astute towards others.

Charlotte Wilkinson

I Love Derek series 1 because it focuses on real life, real people and real feelings.  It highlights how ordinary and simple some people lead their lives but how enriching a simple honest straightforward life can be.  Derek highlights how accepting people with all their faults and giving love and kindness to them unconditionally is something we could all benefit from.  Derek reminds us that we should not write off the old people, that we should look after them and give them our time. That we are all in this together, this life thing, and we should stick together.

Mandy Arnold

Derek, what a show! When I first discovered the ad, I thought ‘Oh it’s Karl and Ricky from an Idiot Abroad, alright.’ I did not seem bothered, after finally watching it I couldn’t stop, this 50 year old man on television struck me. As I watched more, I realised I had encountered this person before. My sister, she has autism and the likeliness is uncanny. Their share social behaviour, shyness and how they find it tough to understand such things. Derek gave me faith, and made me realise that my sister, is an unique inspirational hero.

Anna Wilson

Kev said it best “I’m glad I met Derek”. My Dad left because drinking was easier than stopping. I’d like to think I would be like Derek and embrace my Dad if he wanted to be in my life but I know I’m not that kind or forgiving. TV shows rarely make you think but Ricky’s writing has made me question a lot of aspects of my life. Kindness truly IS magic and might be easier said than done but if people could be 10% as good a person as Derek the world would be an infinite better place.

Colin Holmes

I live in Canada and haven’t seen every episode. What I have seen has made me
  • Laugh
  • Cry
  • Feel more tenderness and have more patience toward the elderly and marginalized, and - everyone in general
  • Be kinder
  • Help see the good in everyone

My husband and I recently separated after 25 years of marriage. The past few months have been a roller coaster of emotions. Kindness is Magic is now my mantra and it is how I plan on seeing every situation. Thank you for Derek, Ricky. He has changed my life for the better.

Sandy Pollock

Derek is the reason why I still have hope for humanity and the innate goodness in people. Derek has nothing and gives everything and he is the happiest person alive. I want to be Derek and feel exactly what he feels, because I think a lot of people have lost that feeling and Derek brings it back. Along with the sweetness, the juxtaposition of the incongress is PERFECT. Hannah, Kev, Dougie, and Derek are a perfect recipe for a masterpiece. Love, Anger, Pessimist, and Extreme Optimist. The world needs more Dereks.

Drew Oliver

This series worked in so many ways, a mirror held up to us all. No faked canned laughter, no vacuous celebrities vindictively condemning all  around them but gentle humour reflecting the true values that lay hidden within us all, and of course some classic one liners, comedy to bring a tear to your eye.
Well written with a superb cast tackling taboo subjects in a sensitive and thoughtful way, going where others fear to tread.
Also bridging the generation gap, after all we are all headed in one direction in the end.
Besides I could really do with a bedpan.

Nigel Sinclair

I never really weeped over a television series… until I watched Derek. Every scene, every moment has virtue, moral, laughter and sadness. The series displays that kindness is the upmost best quality of life, treating others with generosity and love. My grandmother had recently passed and seeing the elderly brought me back to her bedside, realizing how the elderly have become a forgotten part of society. Derek makes you appreciate and value them with love and tenderness with beautiful writing and perfect acting. Six episodes can change a way of life and love. Kindness is magic. Thank you.

Paul Ofcharsky

There are many reasons to love Derek; because he’s caring and loving, modest and sacrificial. Because he is inspiring and makes me rethink what I do and who I am.
Because he never complains, however hard his life may be, which makes my own problems look so incredibly small. But most of all, because he isn’t he most human one could ever imagine. Nothing he says or does goes through a filter, everything isn’t the complete and utter truth. That makes him a mirror for me, in the way Kev says it: “He’s better than everyone.”

Sebastian Lodemann

Derek deals with subjects that are not trendy and sometimes uncomfortable - old age, residential care, the people who care for them and Kev! The residents of the Home  have pasts, they have loved, been loved, have a sense of humour, and  have occasionally given birth to obnoxious children. The manager Hannah, is a lovely, perceptive, kind and beautiful person, too few of these people exist but they do and earn very little money for the incredible work they do. Derek, both the character and the series, teaches us the value of kindness, honesty and laughter.

Mrs Patricia Rayner

In a world full of fear, full of pain, full of war,
We forget the simple basics of the true human core
We think of the different as a 'freak' like John Merrick,
Forgetting the kindness spread from people like Derek

Chris Mansbridge

I wasn’t going to watch Derek when I first heard about it. Ricky Gervais was bound to be writing a script which would offend half the population. Now, after watching the series, I am ashamed of my pre-judgement of this programme. Derek’s gentleness, kindness and honesty have touched me deeply – it is no wonder Hannah loves him so much. In an often cruel world, Derek is the example of humanity that we all could do with following. Ricky, I apologise to you. You are truly a beautiful genius.

Barbara Derbyshire

My budding “Derek” - 8yr old son Kyle who is autistic, but like Derek is quirkily funny, kind and wonderful just the way he is.

The brilliant comedy we have witnessed in Derek is pretty rare, but it’s the show’s heart and beautifully created and portrayed characters that make it special.

It’s certainly made me look at Ricky Gervais in a different light, but then again wasn’t Mozart a bit of a nob? 

That’s it though – we’re all flawed.  Derek however, is perfect.  Despite his learning difficulties and looks, he’s what’s best in humankind, because kindness really does trump everything else.

What I love most though is how Derek shows that people with learning difficulties can contribute, be an asset and can be wonderful.

Sharon McArdle

When I first saw a picture of Ricky Gervais as Derek, I immediately thought "what the hell is this?" But after watching the pilot on YouTube, I have gotten addicted ever since. Karl Pilkington has done an amazing job as Dougie. He makes me laugh every time i see the wig he wears. By the end of the first series I was wanting more. The show relates to me as I am very close to my grandparents. And when I grow old I'd love the characters from Derek to look after me. I'm also probably the biggest Ricky Gervais fan in New Zealand.

Bradley Pope

Derek is everything you want in TV, it makes you laugh, then it makes you cry, and to bring those two things together so beautifully is genius writing. Every episode feels like a journey, with ups and downs, but it always leaves you with a warm feeling in your heart. As I watch I can’t help but hope that I have people in my life like this when I reach that age, if the world had more Derek’s it would definitely be a better place. Derek represents hope for us all. That is why I love Derek. Ricky’s best work.

Claire Martin

I love Derek Series 1 because I have never laughed and cried in virtually every episode of any series ever. Ricky has a message behind every word, scene, sound, soundtrack, grimace, laugh, and gesture. The last episode summed up how to live your life, whether it was Derek’s simple view, or Kev’s carnal view, (mid-way through) or his more heartfelt one at the end. Didn’t think I’d ever shout at a TV screen for someone to stop a car………….Brilliant episode, Brilliant series. Roll on Series 2.

Michael Redmond

When I was younger and still today I used to loving watching the old sitcoms as the new ones never seem to have the same beautifully written and honestly written scripts but with Derek it brings back the old fashioned ethos of comedy its truly Rickys masterpiece and losing Derek from the schedule is surely a crime roll on the next series.

John Lomas

What can I say about derek that won't have already been said ?  Well I'll give it a go, Emotional roller coaster is the phrase that would best suit it.  I'm not really good at getting my thoughts into words on paper, but the show made me feel empathy towards all of the characters, and made me wonder what happened in their lives before broad hill.  Derek managed to get more depth into each character in 6 episodes than most shows manage in their entirety.  I watched, expecting comedy, and got so much more. 

Marc Jansz

I have always followed others in life and I started watching Derek purely because it was Gervais, whom I became accustomed to through friends that enjoyed his work. However, this was different; ever since we met the characters they have made me realise life is much simpler. "Kindness is magic." Derek has made me realise that if everyone was like Derek and the gang, life would be much more pleasant. Technology wouldn't be as advanced, but there would be world peace?

It's like nothing else I've ever seen
Thanks Gervais.

Michael Birch

Never before have I witnessed anything that can make a person change from laughing hysterically to fighting back tears and then back again in a matter of minutes. Derek shuffled his way into everybody's heart faster than a baby monkey riding on a pig. He became a nation’s best friend overnight and we have been with him on his journey, feeling every euphoric moment and every heart wrenching plot twist. I can relate with every other character on the show because our lives have one thing in common, they have been enriched by having Derek in them. Kindness is magic!

Jack Emmens

What I love about Derek is that he doesn’t judge or give up on people; Derek is willing to accept anyone for who they are. He doesn’t dwell on what anyone else thinks of him because what matters to him are the people in his life who he loves and in return who love him. Derek teaches us that the most important thing in life, despite anything else, are the relationships we build and have with people. Not just those in our family, but strangers as well. Overall, the most valuable thing about Derek is his heart of gold.

Mandy Pinetown

In a world of cynicism, murder, conspiracies, apathy, sarcasm, slapstick, grief and depressing cruelty, Derek sends a universal message of what the world should be. Loving, caring, kind and forgiving, as we all have only this one life and we need to cherish it and those around us.

And also blood sausage, mate! >:)

Piotr (Peter) Pierzchał (it’s Polish, that’s why you can’t pronounce it)

Derek is beautiful simplicity. 
The show tugs, pulls and plays with your heart strings; makes you take a good look at yourself and ask, "Am I happy? Am I living a full life?".
Derek has shown you that a full life doesn't mean a full wallet, it means a full heart. You don't need to have a large bank balance to be a rich man.
When somebody says that they didn't like Derek, that it was making fun of people with a disability, I tell them they haven't understood it, to go back and watch it again, to not focus on the disability but on the kindness... that's the magic!

Becky Stiles

‘Derek’ makes us reconcile our self image with the saying, “A Society will be judged on how it treats its weakest members”.

In ‘Derek’ we are shown true heroes; people fighting for the weakest members of society and, in doing so, making us all the better for it.

Beyond the humour, there is a depth of decency and kindness in the show - One that needs to be shown to the World. 

‘Derek’ has changed my life and many others.

As Derek said “Kindness is magic.”

We could do with a bit of magic.

Stephen Pike

I am a single mother, who has been lied, deceived n cheated ranging from father, children father's friends n family in the past. I moved at xmas with my son for a new life, got down about being so alone not knowing which road to go and not trusting anyone. Ever since watching Derek  its made me see there are kind nice people around. I know he ain't real as such, I ain't crazy lol. But touched a few home truths n now I am on the road to being a qualified carer, name down for college.

Gemma Dudley

Derek is just brilliant; the pilot last year filled the hearts of those who understood the concept with a warm joy. Those who didn't, however, grasped it after the first official episode. It doesn't matter what you are, who you are, or how you look - it's what you do that defines you as a person, and in Derek's case, it's all about making other people happy. Sometimes you find yourself laughing at him, but not because he's a bit different, because it's funny to think that we could all be like Derek; we just follow the system. Cheers, Ricky.

Jak Andrukowicz-Kearns

I love Derek because yet again, Ricky Gervais has created a TV show that makes me, (a grown man) almost break down in tears. I also love the fact that Ricky seems to be able to create characters that are much more 3 dimensional than your average "sitcom". For example, kev at the start of episode one did seem like a shallow character however Gervais flipped that on its side by the end of episode 6 and i felt myself feeling for Kev as much as I did Derek. Heart-warming television. <3

Sam Hinchliffe

Why do I love Derek? It's simple. I love it because its not only funny, but its emotional. I have grown to love the characters and that's all thanks to one man, Ricky Gervais. He has created a show that makes you laugh and makes you cry, it makes you want to keep watching because it is so emotionally attaching. I might even love this show more than The Office or Extras. Truly another Gervais masterpiece and I have really enjoyed the past six weeks. This show gave me a newfound respect for the elderly and I am thankful for that. I want more. Thanks.

Jonathon Beggs

From the pilot that aired earlier last year, to the very last episode. Everyday mentioning the show and quoting some of my favourite lines from Derek, Kev and Dougie to Hannah and the residents. It’s opened my eyes to the way the country sees older people, they’re not down and out, they’re there for people who need them and to work with them on a daily basis must be a hard yet rewarding task. Thank you, Ricky for writing and all who helped make the show what it was, what it lived up to and to what expectations it exceeded.

Christopher Sayce

I love Derek because Derek loves everyone. Nothing makes me happier than to see a human being, who knows no other option than to be kind, who doesn’t understand anger and hate and who wishes happiness on everyone else except their self, because they are already as happy as can be. A character who deep down we all wish we could be. I love Derek.

Matt Eagle

Thank you all for entering this competition. We had some other entries that were well over 100 words. I'll add them shortly for you to read but sadly they cannot be entered.

Thanks to everyone for making a huge success!

Matt Sibson aka Tadpole Hitler

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