Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Final Derek Day

So here we are, it's the final Derek Day of the series and I write this with a heavy heart! The last six weeks have been a blast - I have loved running and @tadpole_hitler on Twitter. It's been so much fun, a truly unique experience that I never expected in my wildest dreams.

But without fuehrer ado let's look ahead to episode 6, which airs tonight at 10pm on Channel 4. It's the final episode of the series and a much-loved resident is in decline, which sets in motion a sequence of events culminating in the appearance of an unexpected visitor. We've been lucky enough to be graced with four teaser videos this week and if you've not already seen them, here they are:

As episode 6 ends tonight, we have an exclusive competition that all fans can enter. It's not going to be art-related I can tell you now, as I am aware that there are professionals out there who are Derek fans, and that doesn't make it fair for everyone. I want to give everybody the chance to enter and I want everybody to have the opportunity to be creative. We all possess creativity inside, so the competition will hopefully tease that out of you. I may have also lined up a judge, someone educated enough to decide the winner, other than a tadpole with Hitler's head!

This week we also heard that Channel 4 have commissioned a second season of the show, so although we will have a bit of a break, at least we can rest assured that Derek and gang will be back! So enjoy tonight's episode and follow me on Twitter throughout the show. Let's all get #Derek trending tonight!

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