Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Artwork of Stephen Pike

I have been sent some wonderful artwork over the past six to seven weeks but one artist has really caught my attention. Stephen Pike, a Derek fan from the US, has sent me some fantastic sketches that have really caught some of the more sentimental moments of the show. Just look at the selection below:

Derek hugs his dad by Stephen Pike

Lizzie and Gerald by Stephen Pike

Kev as he looks back at his life by Stephen Pike

Kindness is Magic - Derek by Stephen Pike

Stephen, as you have to agree, is a very talented artist. To see Stephen's latest creations, follow him on twitter at @MrStephenPike - he deserves a follow!

Stephen's own blog is mrstephenpike.blogspot.co.uk and this is what he says about life as an artist:

"Part of why I don't consider myself a "traditional" artist - and at the same time do -  is my lack of education.

"I didn't go to art school. I didn't take art classes (other than the required high school courses - which taught me nothing.) My "talent" comes naturally from a lifetime of doing it.
I was born with a spark.
"I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil and was encouraged by my family (in particular my father). It's been my defining trait (intellectually) for the past 30 years. It's who I am. 
"That, however, is at odds with how I perceive myself.
"Because of the way in which artists and the arts are perceived by the world, I feel like a phony - a pretender. Every time I say "I'm an artist" I feel like I'm lying. It's a sort of "Cognitive dissonance". I see myself as an artist, yet feel outside of that world; a Persona Non Grata.
"I will, at best, be considered "outsider".
"I try to fight that feeling. It can easily put one off of art - and I think it does. It makes people with desire and natural talent, who happen not to have the advantage of a degree or connections, feel as if they don't belong. It can make one feel as if they aren't really an artist or that they have no business even trying.
"I don't buy into the "art world" and it's bullshit; Phony Artist statements, the self-serving critics, the "deeper meaning" of work (when there isn't one) that people discuss over champagne, the supposed monetary value of work, etc.
"A wall has been built between your average person and "The Art World". It's a club with a very discerning membership.
"That is the work of people.
"People like to feel special. They want to "get it" and like to keep their club exclusive. That's why you get "Real" art being priced in the thousands of dollars (or much much more). no ordinary person can afford that.
"Art has been co-opted by the "elite" and if you aren't part of that world then you never will be welcomed in. - that is unless, of course, you get very very lucky and one of these people deems you worthy.
"It's a world of pretension. It's a world of who you know.
"I've met my share of artists and collectors who revel in that scene. Whether they truly believe their own bullshit is up for debate, but it has caused a great divide between "Art" and art.
It's a world where one needs a degree to be taken seriously or even given a chance.""

Stephen, I am no art critic, but who cares. For what it's worth, your artwork is fantastic and you have a natural flair in my opinion. Your Derek creations are brilliant. I've not had a great deal of time recently to do a lot on this blog but I was driven to promote your work today.

Stephen continues...

“I do get feel good knowing people enjoy it, but that is not the be all and end all. I don't care if I sell my work or if anyone wants to buy it. Those things are fantastic, and I'm happy people can appreciate it, but if they didn't it wouldn't matter.
"Art is my expression, my escape, my drive, my need, my want, my desire, my reality...
"That is why I call myself an artist.”

Amazing stuff and keep it up. You truly are an artist.

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