Friday, 1 March 2013

Friday Fan Art

It's Friday and I've given you a couple of days since the amazing episode five to get your artwork to me and below are a selection of what I've received!

The first is an amazing piece of intricate artwork from the super-talented Dejitaru Shinobi (@Digital_Shinobi):

Outstanding effort has gone into this

Emma Hutchinson (@dollyemm) has been busy again and has shown us Derek and Dougie wrestling:

Dougie does not look happy

Ross Owen (@Ross_Owen) has visualised a stag beetle fighting a frog with pliers! Who would win?

Who would win? By Ross Owen

Omar Scofield (@HfdScofield) has designed the album cover for Boys on Film:

On Sale Monday! (I wish)

Andrew Carrington (@andymanc) has an exclusive for us. Derek is the new James Bond:

Bond, Derek Bond

Derek superfan Stephen Hawker (@ste201079) has produced this hilarious look at the new series of Robot Wars:

Robot Wars - Derek style

Stephen also made this on the back of Ricky Gervais's latest announcement:

Pretty girl on the hood of a cadillac

As a very religious man, Ricky was honoured to learn this from @yoofat:

Pope is a fan of Derek

Underneath Derek's cardigan, we see why he is so good at wrestling, thanks to @13BEASTIEBOY13:

The British Bulldog - strong cuddling champion

He also showed us exactly what a chicken on a keyboard looks like:

Unedited clip from Derek Episode 5

He also did a third image showing the bill for the next Wrestlemania:

Derek fronts the bill

Gallagher Christie (@Gallagher204) put this together to sum up one of the funniest moments of the show:

Ventricasilm mate

Omar Scofield (@HfdScofield) found this on - any takers?

Find Dougie a date

More artwork is still to come Derek fans and keep sending it to me at or tweet me at @tadpole_hitler!

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