Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Latest Derek Creations

We've had even more Derek creations sent to us here at TadpoleHitler.com and for your viewing pleasure, you can see them all below!

The first one comes from the talented Gerard Groves (@gerardgroves). I love the style of this one:

Amazing artwork by Gerard Groves

The first comes from Dominique of www.8bitstars.de who has created some fantastic pixel art of the Derek cast:

The Derek stars by Dominique

The Derek stars in full by Dominique

Stephen Pike (@MrStephenPike) sent us this last night - a cartoon Dougie driving the bus:

Great picture from Stephen Pike

John Foley (@johnfoleyo) has been busy again and created the world's most famous crabs - Boll and Ocks:

BOLL-OCKS by John Foleyo

This next one is titled 'No Direction' - the new Derek boyband, created by Emma Hutchinson (@dollyemm):

No Direction are not on tour

Due to the forthcoming episode having a Duran Duran Story in it, Ross Owen (@Ross_Owen) has created this:

'The Duran Duran Story' is Derek Episode 5

Ross Owen also put these captions on our Twitter caption competition - love it:

Stop it! by Ross Owen

Stephen Pike (@MrStephenPike) has created this fantastic sketch of Kev, Dougie and Derek:

Derek characters  by Stephen Pike

UK Comedy Quotes (@UK_ComedyQuotes) sent us this fantastic piece of artwork:

'Derek' by UK Comedy Quotes

Don Luis Jimenez (@donluisjimenez) send us his amazing piece of art of Derek:

Derek art by Don Luis Jimenez

Due to Derek's obsession with cats, Ginge (@chop_stitch) send us this of Derek with his favourite animal:

I love cats by Ginge

Derek fan Kev Williams (@kev5ki) answered by challenge and showed us what Tadpole Hitler would look like when he becomes a frog:

NOOOOOO!! by Kev Williams

Will Gossage (@WillGossage), the inventor of the Tadpole Hitler logo also answered the challenge:

Adult Tadpole Hitler eating Dougie the fly - by Will Gossage

Stephen Hawker (@ste201079) portrayed Hannah and Tom in the movie Titanic:

I'm flying Tom - by Stephen Hawker

Based on the joke told by Derek in the forthcoming episode 5 that you can see on the YouTube clip, titled Cabaret, Will Gossage (@WillGossage) shows us Stephen Hawking as a Dalek:

Exterminate! by Will Gossage

Wyn Pennant (@wynpennant) pointed out Derek in the film Forrest Gump - I bet we all missed it:

Beautiful Minds by Wyn Pennant

And the talented Rich Nairn (@richnairn) updated his amazing Derek cast line-up to include Vicky and Fred the Frog:

The Derek cast by Rich Nairn

The hugely talented Omar Scofield (@HfdScofield) created this in hommage to the website:

Tadpole Hitler by Omar Scofield

Emma Hutchinson also created this - Kev with one of his autograph heroes - Uncle Ben:

Kev and Uncle Ben

Keep the artwork coming Derek fans. Email tadpolehitler@gmail.com or tweet me your creations at @tadpole_hitler.

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