Tuesday, 19 February 2013

More Fan Art Rolls In

I've got to start this latest piece on Derek fan art with a picture I've been sent from Terry Brookes (@terrybrookes99) and the creator of brookesart.com. He has clearly put a lot of care into this and the results are fantastic. Great work Terry!

Fantastic artwork of Derek and his frog from Terry Brookes

Emma Hutchinson (@dollyemm) has also sent us Dougie at Wimbledon, inspired by the forthcoming episode:

Hit it now - by Emma Hutchinson

Derek fan Stephen Hawker (@ste201079) has also come up with the action movie poster incorporating the stars of Derek:

The Broad Hillables by Stephen Hawker

And this just scared me:

Baby Kev
We've just been sent this by Ross Owen (@Ross_Owen) - an exclusive picture of Dougie and family:

Dougie and Family by Ross Owen

Keep the artwork coming Derek fans. Email tadpolehitler@gmail.com or tweet us at @tadpole_hitler

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