Friday, 8 February 2013

Amazing Derek Fan Art

I'm getting sent so much Derek artwork thanks to the fans who love the show. Below we see another masterpiece by John Foleyo, showing the moment Vicky smiled for the first time - thanks to Derek. Follow John on Twitter - @Johnfoleyo.

Vicky smiles for the first time - by John Foleyo
I have also been emailed by Pete Lewisham who sketched this piece of original Derek artwork - thanks Pete:

Pete Lewisham's Derek sketch
Twitter's generic 'egg' avatar has been brilliantly redesigned by Iain Mac (@Iain17Mac):

Iain Mac's Twitter 'Egg' Avatar
Iain also sent us this picture of Derek, inspired by a famous Barack Obama poster:

Kindness - Yes We Can! by Iain Mac
Chris Anderson (@ImCAnderson) has sent us a new Dougie picture. Loving the style of it:

Dougie by Chris Anderson
Yet another hilarious image was sent to us by Iain Mac, inspired by a quote from Kev. If you don't know which quote, I suggest you catch up on 4OD:

Iain Mac's hilarious picture of Kev

The next piece of artwork comes from Jamie Hawker (@ToricoUK) and is titled Cream Egg Dougie - absolutely brilliant!

Cream Egg Dougie by Jamie Hawker
Keep your artwork coming in - tweet us @tadpole_hitler or email

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