Friday, 8 February 2013

Kindness is Magic - The Derek Fan Fund started a little over a week ago after the first episode of Derek aired. I loved the show and wanted to start a fansite but I had no idea what to call it. On seeing the hashtag #tadpolehitler trending on Twitter I got my inspiration and since then the website, the Twitter account and Facebook page have been so successful thanks to Ricky's retweeting, Holli's interview, Channel 4's support and you guys - the fans. You have been so brilliant. You've sent me my logo, dozens of unique pieces of Derek art, hilarious tweets and emails. You've helped me fill these pages!

As Derek says, 'kindness is magic,' and with a growing number of fans visiting this website, I thought the best thing I could do is take the essence of the TV show - the importance of helping people - and use this site to do just that. So I started 'Kindness is Magic - The Derek Fans Fund.'

The fund is set up to help my chosen charity - Friends of the Elderly - whose vision is that all older people should retain independence, dignity and peace of mind. It offers residential and nursing care in 14 care homes. It also supports older people to stay living in their own homes with day care, home support, home visiting, telephone befriending and welfare grants. They open their website ( with the below message:

Please see their website to see the great things they do. To donate to Kindness is Magic - The Derek Fan Fund, visit our Just Giving page at: Don't think about it, donate £1 now. One pound really does make all the difference.


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