Wednesday, 27 February 2013

It's Derek Day - Episode Five Tonight

It's Derek Day once again and the wait is almost over as Derek Episode 5 airs tonight at 10pm. This week there is an extra special treat for fans as straight after the episode, Channel 4 will be showing 'The Making of Derek' - what more could you ask for?

For tweeters, we need you to get #Derek trending tonight and keep interacting with @tadpole_hitler all through what we all know will be the best hour of the week! For our artists, get your pencils sharpened or get the design software booted as I want to see the very best episode 5 inspired artwork tomorrow.

For those who want a quick synopsis of tonight's episode, here you go:

Broadhill retirement home wants to host a cabaret show and Derek forms an entertainment committee to discuss plans for the evening.

Kev wants to produce a play of the Duran Duran film script he wrote in '98 with the staff and residents cast as the band.

A new community service worker called Deon, played by Doc Brown, joins the home. He's a keen rapper, but the elderly residents aren't exactly his usual audience.

Doc Brown stars as Deon

On show night Dougie is forced to join the other 'Duran Duran' band members on stage, while Deon makes a welcome appearance with a special heartfelt rap.

Want more? Here a couple of clips to whet your appetite:

Still want more? Well you're going to have to wait until 10pm tonight. But until then, enjoy and get ready to send your artwork to or tweet me at @tadpole_hitler!

After Episode 5 what else have we got in store for you? Well I'll be uploading all your latest artwork creations, I'll publish my episode review, share quirky stories and on Sunday we will be publishing an exclusive interview - the one you've all been waiting for - you guessed it, it's an interview with the one and only Ricky Gervais!

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