Thursday, 21 February 2013

Inundated with Derek Artwork

Derek aired last night and I think you'll all agree that it was the funniest episode to date! From the seaweed fight and Mr Sheen's autograph, to "Never seen this little activity before - using crabs as fucking post-it notes" and Hannah's final line of the show - it was a hilarious episode and the fans agreed! I have been inundated with artwork on Twitter and via email and here are a selection. If I've missed you out, please send me your creation at or @tadpole_hitler on Twitter. logo designer Will Gossage (@WillGossage) has created this - Kev getting an award for World's Worstest Penis - love it:

Worst's Worstest Penis Award Winner - Kev

Emma Hutchinson (@dollyemm) has been busy envisioning Kev's dinosaur penis:
Dinosaur penis by Emma Hutchinson

Here we have a Katie Holmes autograph scandal for UK! magazine from Ross Owen (@Ross_Owen):
Katie Holmes Autograph Scandal by Ross Owen

Kev Williams (@kev5ki) has created Kev's crab army creeping up on Dougie:
The Carpet Muncher approaches - by Kev Williams

Stephen Hawker (@ste201079) has sent us a visual from new video game 'Derek Kombat' where we have a unicorn fighting a gerbil:
Derek Kombat by Stephen Hawker

Frank Duffy (@FrankieBoySays) has created this of Derek and Dougie wrestling - great work!
I loves wrestling me - by Frank Duffy

Carl (@portless) has designed this, titled 'Ya Dick!' - Great artwork Carl:
Ya Dick!! - by @portless

Iain Mac (@Iain17mac) is following Hannah on Facebook and has shared this with us:
Hannah on Facebook by Iain Mac

Apparently, from the White House, Barack Obama enjoyed watching Kev and Dougie's seaweed fight, captured here by Ross Owen:
Barack Obama - a big Derek fan (maybe)

Ross Owen (@Ross_Owen) went out for dinner at a Broadstairs restaurant last night and was surprised by the crab he ordered:
Quim crab for dinner by Ross Owen

Ross and Iain Mac (@Iain17Mac) were inspired by Derek's wrestling:
Strong Cuddle Mania by  Iain Mac
Excuse the hand! Derek in action by Ross Owen

Pia Torres (@LUV_PIA) sent us an important message from Dougie, regarding Derek's wrestling:
Message from Uncle Dougie

Pia was also inspired by Kev's dinosaur nob:
Kevosaurus Knobby by Pia Torres

Iain Mac (@Iain17Mac) also sent us a captioned picture of Dougie and Derek on the funfair:
You fucking twat! by Iain Mac

Derek fan Emma Hutchinson (@dollyemm) has also been busy with these creations:
Crab Police by Emma Hutchinson
He's like a huggy octopus by Emma Hutchinson

The amazingly talented @lyndasockmonkeys has been busy creating a Kev Sock Monkey - amazing:
Kev as a Sock Monkey

The next is a cartoon strip inspired by Dougie's egghead and comes from @WheresOllie
Which came first? By Ollie

And the final piece of artwork is fantastic and comes from Jason Lee (@BEAUTYinLUNACY):
Derek and Dougie by Jason Lee

Thank you all for these creations. Keep them coming! Email me at or message me on Twitter at @tadpole_hitler.

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