Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Derek's Audience Grows

Derek Episode 2 saw its audience increase last week to 1.5 million (an 8% share) with 147,000 watching on Channel 4+1, despite clashing with part of a rescheduled episode of British favourite Coronation Street. The first episode was watched by 1.44 million (7.7%) with 207,000 watching on the +1 channel.

Pilkington's 'Dougie' in a forthcoming episode of Derek

These are very positive results for the latest creation from Gervais and co, and with an estimated 1 million extra viewers catching up on 4OD, the show, in terms of its viewing figures is going from strength to strength.

Despite still being short on last April’s pilot episode, Channel  4 has said that episode 1 scored 31% above the usual Wednesday 10pm slot and won over the majority of the 16-34 year old viewer market.

On Ricky’s blog (http://www.rickygervais.com/thissideofthetruth.php), on the back of Episode one, he states:

“I'm picking up a vibe similar to half-way through the first series of The Office. Although the ratings are slightly better actually. The Office got an average of 1.5m for the first series, which is about what Derek is getting on the night. But because of 4OD (Channel 4's catch-up service) its episode average doubles that over the week.“

Here’s hoping that Episode 3 builds on the success of the first two. Make sure you watch it tomorrow at 10pm on Channel 4. If you missed the previous episodes, catch up on 4OD.

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