Thursday, 7 February 2013

Derek Fan Art - An Egg with Sideburns

Here's a delight for you Derek fans! The amazingly talented Kev Williams (@Kev5ki on Twitter) has visualised Karl Pilkington's character 'Dougie' as an Egg with Sideburns. I think you'll all agree that it is hilarious!

Derek, Dougie, An Egg with Sideburns
Dougie - an egg with sideburns by Kev Williams
Our next piece of Derek fan art comes from @UK_ComedyQuotes who also have a very popular UK Comedy Facebook page:

#EggWithSideburns by UK Comedy Quotes
Our third piece of art is a Dougie masterpiece by @johnfoleyo from Perth, Western Australia:

Dougie, by John Foleyo
Our fourth design is totally unique and comes from @lyndasockmonkey who designs and makes sock monkeys. Here we have a special Dougie version. Visit for more info.
Dougie as a Sock Monkey
The fifth creative design comes from Chris Anderson (@lmCAnderson) and is titled DOUGIEgg:
DOUGIEgg by Chris Anderson
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  1. Karl has evolved from an orange to an egg fascinating! J.goldman