Saturday, 16 February 2013

Derek Episode 4 Preview

After last week's antics at Broad Hill Retirement Home, you'll be happy to hear that we're in for another treat with Derek Episode 4.

Derek decides to sell some of his autographs in order to raise money for the retirement home. But the shop that sells autographed photos isn't overly impressed by Derek's collection - mainly because he can't actually remember who the signatures belong to.

Derek catches a glimpse of Kev's nob
An outing to the beach for some of the residents means a blissful afternoon in the sunshine, while Kev leaves his mark at the seaside by writing rude words on crabs with a pen.

Retirement Home manager Hannah stays behind to welcome a new resident, Mrs Shaw, played by Laura June Hudson, whose daughter Rebecca, played by Susannah Wise, recognises Hannah from school.

Rebecca's comments make Hannah wonder whether her life has really turned out as she intended.

For more clips from episode 4, click here:

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