Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Derek Episode 3 - Blood Sausage

It’s Wednesday, which means today is Derek day as Episode 3 airs tonight at 10pm on Channel 4. We’ve already been teased with clips of Derek’s pottery frog, Kev’s blood sausage and in tonight’s episode it’s a day like no other at Broadhill Retirement Home. Derek finds a baby bird that’s fallen from a tree and desperately wants to call the RSPCA, or Rolf Harris, or failing that – Bill Oddie:

Dougie’s mending things as always, this time a table’s wobbly leg, and we get to meet Kev’s latest fling – yes he’s had ‘sexual intercourse.’ Derek later attends a jumble sale where he picks up the infamous pottery frog (!) and its date night for Tom and Hannah – or is it?

Here’s another clip to tease you into tonight’s episode:

This has already set social media alight with the hashtag #bloodsausage so let’s get it trending from 10pm tonight!

Fans have already set to work on new artwork creations around Kev’s blood sausage. The below is from Will Gossage (@WillGossage) – the guy who created the logo at the top of your screens. One thing’s for sure, you can guarantee there’s no horse meat inside it.

Kev's Pure 8oz Blood Sausage by Will Gossage

This has also been sent into us from Emma Hutchinson (@dollyemm) with Kev holding his sausage:

Kev with blood sausage in hand by Emma Hutchinson

Yesterday, Ricky Gervais also teased Pilkington fans on twitter by telling us that Karl sort of gets to play ‘Bullshit Man’ in tonight’s episode, or ‘a super hero egg with sideburns’ as Ricky calls him.

Almost as quick as he tweeted it, @GervaisQuotes sent us a piece of fan art showing us what this would look like:

A super hero egg with sideburns by @GervaisQuotes

Other episode three inspired art we received yesterday was this by Kev Williams (@Kev5ki) – cheers Kev!

As Ricky confirms on his blog, the frog “actually belongs to Karl. He was showing Jane and me round his new house and I spotted it in the garden. I said "We're using that in Derek." And we did.”

Enjoy tonight’s episodes everyone – keep tweeting and sending in your art, and don’t forget the #bloodsausage!

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