Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Celebrity Eggs With Sideburns

"What I find strange is the way it's never come into fashion. When you think of all the things that have come and gone - platform shoes, sideburns, dungarees - this has never been picked up. No heartthrob in a Hollywood film has ever had this."
Poor Dougie - hopefully this will make him feel better
Really Dougie? My twitter messages last night proved otherwise. Maybe you're not unlucky in life after all.

William Shakespeare:
William Shakespeare - the original egg with sideburns

Commander Worf:
Maybe not a Hollywood heartthrob
Rowf from The Muppets:
Again, not a heartthrob, but a celebrity

Britney Spears:
Look at the smile on Britney's face!

Johnny Depp:
Derek fans still think he looks hot

Jessie J:
Does it like a brother, does it like a dude

Mr Bean (sporting a TadpoleHitler.com badge):
Brilliant work from the creator of the TadpoleHitler.com logo

Tom Cruise:
Oh dear

Donald Trump:
Actually looks better

Mick Miller (from Ideal):
Mick Miller sporting the cut

Bill Bailey:
A celebrity egg

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