Friday, 22 February 2013

A Masterpiece - Derek Artwork by Rich Nairn

I've been sent some truly wonderful pictures from the fans of Derek. So many of you have taken the time to be creative and you're all brilliant - I can't thank you enough! I've tried to include them all on the website, but I'm being inundated - but I'll keep uploading them so keep them coming!

But I have to do a separate piece on the artwork I received from Rich Nairn (@richnairn). I've included it in the top banner, on Facebook and also on Twitter because not only has he taken the time to create a masterpiece, including Derek, Dougie, Hannah and Kev, he has also included a little 'Tadpole Hitler' in a fish tank! He's also kindly let me use it on the site.

A Derek masterpiece by Rich Nairn
I would never take such a creative without giving credit where credit is due. Rich is the owner of and is a very talented cartoonist and caricaturist. Just look at the work on the website - truly fantastic stuff!

Thank you Rich - it is very appreciated.

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