Thursday, 31 January 2013

Derek Episode 1 Review

Ricky Gervais's genius scripting of the phrase 'Tadpole Hitler' in Derek not only created a hashtag furore on Twitter last night, but urged me to do something spontaneous for once and buy the domain This site will be a dedicated fansite to the already critically-acclaimed Derek, as well as all the other Gervais genius creations, as he continues to do what so many others fail to do - create TV gold time and time again.

Derek is already dubbed a 'controversial character,' but why it has such an unfounded reputation, I don't know. Derek was compassionate, ground-breaking TV and is already an instant classic. From Dougie's ridiculous hair and Kev's sex-crazed foolery, to Hannah's battles with the authorities and Derek's innocence, we have a TV comedy drama like no other.

With big thought-provoking topics such as the percentage of elderly people who die when re-homed and why it is actually unimportant to find out whether or not Derek has autism (or tism?) we then laugh at Karl Pilkington's character when he's called "an egg with sideburns." Karl plays Dougie, who is basically Karl Pilkington, so in his first real acting role he has little problem getting into character!

Karl Pilkington plays Dougie (image: Channel 4)

Derek is fantastic storytelling interspersed with superb comedy moments. For me, on the back of An Idiot Abroad, Karl Pilkington stole the show and he showed the acting world that not only can he moan and say all sorts of delightful, insightful wonders in his own life, but he can also act like the best of them. I'm sure you will all agree that you could really feel his genuine anger in the closing moments of the show.

Well done Ricky - you've struck gold again and I'm already looking forward to episode 2 next week!

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